Heritage International Public School

Technology Classes

It would be appropriate to mention that technology has crept into every aspect of man's life. The use of technology in schools has helped the teachers and students alike. It has turned into a power full tool in the hands of teachers to bring in audio visual into their teaching helping them further in developing a clearer concept for their students. In India, due to various regional dialects, teachers are unable to comprehend and pronounce the english language well. Various technology based modules have been developed to overcome such barriers.

Heritage has taken upon itself to be abreast with the latest in the field of technology to benefit its students. Bringing in tech classes for all it's students we have aligned with Teach Next. These modules help children to see what they are learning. It helps them develop their existing concepts and their imagination. It has been observed that it helps them with an increased retention power.

Only installing a technology is not the crux. What matters is how the teachers are adapting the process in their curriculum. Lots of In house training is imparted to achieve the proper synchronization of technology and curriculum.

The school is also in the process of installing closed circuit television in each class room.