Heritage International Public School
Pre – Primary I to VIII IX to XII
Rs. 7,150/- Rs. 13,750/- Rs. 17050/-

*Please note that at the time of promotion to class I Additional Admission fee of Rs. 7150/- will be charged for one time.

Classes Total Fees On Advance Payment with 5% Concession
Pre – Primary Rs. 17600 /- Rs. 16720 /-
I to V Rs. 24600 /- Rs. 23370 /-
VI to VIII Rs. 26400 /- Rs. 25080 /-
IX Rs. 29700 /- Rs. 28220/-
X Rs. 29700 /- Rs. 28220/-
XI Rs. 33,000 /- Rs. 31350/-
XII Rs. 33,000 /- Rs. 31350/-

Sibling Concession: -

For Old Students (From session 2018—19 onwards) 50%. For New Students (From session 2019-20 onwards) 30% .

Security Deposit: -

For Class IX onwards: Rs.2, 500/- Refundable.



Classes Total Fees On Advance Payment with 5% Concession
Pre – Primary Rs. 12320 /- Rs. 11710 /-
I to V Rs. 17220 /- Rs. 16360 /-
VI to VIII Rs. 18480 /- Rs. 17560 /-
IX Rs. 20790 /- Rs. 19750/-
X Rs. 20790 /- Rs. 19750/-
XI Rs. 23100 /- Rs. 21950/-
XII Rs. 23100 /- Rs. 21950/-

  • All fees are payable in advance by Cheque/DD, Debit/Credit Card, POS (Swipe Machine), on monthly basis.
  • Students to pay the yearly fee on monthly basis before 15th of every month.
  • In case of cheque payment all bounced cheque will attract an additional payment of Rs 150/-.& future fee to be paid by cash only. Post Dated Cheque (PDC) will not be accepted.
  • The fees structure is subject to revision from time to time at the discretion of the school authority, with due permission of Nodal Officer and PTA members.
  • 5% concession on fee & transport charge if paid in advance for whole year at the time of admission.
  • In case of withdrawal of a student, the school authority should be informed one month in advance by the guardian in writing.
  • All dues to be cleared before withdrawal of the student from school.
  • Board Registration & Examination fee for class IX onwards will be charged separately on demand by board.
  • Final examination Admit Card will be issued after clearance of Total Fees.
  • Parents who are not paying fee regularly have to pay @ Rs 25 per month for clerical and telephonic expenses.
  • In case of habitual offenders not clearing the fee, their examination result will be withheld & such students will not be permitted to the next classes.
  • The Management reserves the right to strike off the name of such student who failed to pay two or more installments.
  • In case of the last date of payment being a holiday, the fees should be cleared by the previous working days.