Heritage International Public School
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Smt. Satyawati Tiwari
the Chairperson of the Institute

Dear Parents,

We live in the most interesting decade of modern times. Ours is a society full of cultural diversity, witnessing introduction of so many new technologies such that modern education is faced with a daunting task.

For educationists, especially those involved in primary and secondary education along with the parents are entrusted with the task of introducing to the young ones, not just good understanding of life in the immediate community but also an enlightened awareness of the globe. Both local knowledge as well as global understanding is important. This has to be done without stressing the young pupil, given them enough freedom, space and time to explore things individually and with passion! This makes the task of the school education, delicate and daunting, nevertheless an interesting one.

HIPS provides an environment for its students, to look forward to develop enthusiasms, perseverance and compatibility within ones peer group. It strives to nurture the students natural creative ability, his/her curiosity and inherent talents.

All these offers immense opportunities to the child, to learn and grow as responsible, intelligent and culturally aware young global citizens, that future generations would be proud to benefit from. This is the goal of our institution. HIPS and I invite each one of you to join me and my team in achieving this goal.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to meeting you at the HIPS Campus in Bhilai.
Warm Regards,

Satyawati Tiwari